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According to the website,, Tennessee has a significant program to attract retirees to the state and thus has a very friendly tax climate for retirement. For starters, Tennessee is one of the few states that does not have a state income tax.” Another site discusses the benefits of living in Cumberland County: “Tennessee’s state and local tax burden are one of the lowest in the U.S.” goes on to say, “Bottom line, as a retiree you will probably be better off tax-wise retiring in Tennessee than almost any other state.” Another website,, says from a study conducted in 2014, “Crossville’s cost of living is 10.90% below the U.S. average.


There are plenty of ladies who sew, crochet, knit and quilt. Artisans will find plenty of inspiration from the rich tradition of the nearby Appalachians, as well as the Cumberland Plateau. Interested in learning how to quilt? You can take lessons over at Little Blessings Quilt Shop. Have you ever considered undertaking the fine art of designing and sewing drapery for your new home? Or would you dare to reupholster your seating in your RV? You’re in luck! Crossville’s Short Sheet Fabrics is the largest-stocked home decorating fabric store in Tennessee.

4 Seasons

The Gardens RV Villages is the ultimate full-timing RV lifestyle because you can design a home that fits your needs, rather than being obliged to be crammed into a box 24/7. It’s the ideal answer to couples who need a little space. Come down and stay at our Private RV Park, Homeless Hill, and talk to a few of our owners. They’ll be happy to show you their creative workshops, hobby rooms and man caves. Our neighbors have been known to rebuild classic cars in their basements, build 14-foot-span model airplanes in their garages and install metal and woodworking shops in their homes.

The Good Life. Only Better.

Ready to retire? Tennessee is one of the nation’s best states for seniors looking to relocate

4 Benefits of Retiring in Tennessee

5 Reasons Retirees Should Be Flocking To Tennessee




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